The extension is live, though I’m not currently maintaining it. You can also check out the source code.

Procrastinate + donate = procrasdonate

What is it?

Plenty of Chrome extensions try to stop you from visiting procrastinatory websites. However, I inevitably wind up visiting the site on my phone or deactivating the extension. So instead of literally blacklisting the websites I frequent, why not make myself aware of my habits and do some good for the world?

The extension dashboard

Sign up, blacklist some websites, and then every time you visit one you will donate 10 cents to charity. I go over the technical details later, but first I want to clarify what makes this an alpha/MVP.

What makes this an alpha?

Until charities work with me directly, I have to serve as the intermediary for making donations week to week.

My goal is to get charities to sign up via Stripe Connect, and then Stripe can route the money appropriately in real-time. Once the donations are fully automated, I hope to support an array of international charities big and small. For now, I let users pick between three renown charities, and their choice gets recorded in each Stripe transaction. Then, every week, I will query the new Stripe charges and donate money appropriately.

To stay accountable, I plan on posting screenshots of each donation on a publicly viewable Google Slides. Meanwhile, if you have ideas for charities (or could help in onboarding one for direct deposit), let me know!

Now, how exactly does this extension work?

Once you sign up, you have four preferences to set:

The extension dashboard

Now you’re good to go browsing around. Whenever you visit a procrastinatory website, you will get a notification alert that 10 cents has been added in your weekly fund to your charity.

The long scoop on donations

So it turns out, credit cards do not love lots of 10 cent donations. In fact, the minimum transaction is 50 cents, and each transaction carries a 30 cent fee. Instead, donations accrue over a week.

Say I blacklist Facebook. Then I go on Facebook and navigate between 10 posts. Won’t this charge me 10 times?

Nope–that seemed wrong. Instead, when you first hit Facebook, you will get notified that you’re caught procrastinating. Then, for the next 10 minutes, the extension won’t double dip on other blacklisted sites you visit.

I can’t wait to get feedback and get charities working with me directly. Please feel free to leave issues/suggestions on GitHub.