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Discover Airbnb listings

with every tab. Check it out on the Chrome store here.

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I just finished traveling and had the best time at my Airbnb. To stay in the traveling mindset, I threw together this Chrome extension, which presents info on a random Airbnb listing when you open a new tab.

I hope that this can both inspire guests like me to plan a future trip, as well as help hosts promote their listings. I created a form to submit listings, which I will add on a rolling basis.

Future features

  • Link to submit other listings
  • Keep track of places you’ve been and places you want to go
  • Offer a map view for that list
  • Add in flight data
  • Add in driving data if it’s within a certain distance (slash in the same country–can’t drive across water yet)
  • View previous listings
  • Other browsers?